Known Elysia

From London Requiem

The Square Mile

The entirety of the Square Mile, making up almost all of the City of London, is an Elysium. The only exception is Old Jewry Street, which does not enjoy the same protection due to its traditional role as the location for executions.

Stables Market, Smithfield Market, | Spitalfields Market

Mirroring London's mercantile history, these historic markets have also been used by kindred. The importance of making deals in safety has led to their being considered Elysia.

Jack Straw's Castle

An inn on the edge of Hampstead Heath. No one is entirely sure why this place should be an Elysium, but the records of London demonstrate that it has been considered so for several centuries. When it became so, and why, remains unknown.

The Royal Opera House

Situated in Covent Garden, private rooms in the Royal Opera House are occasionally used for kindred gatherings. Due to the public profile of the location and the importance of maintaining decorum, it has been declared an Elysium.


A formal symposium is classified as an Elysium. That is, the event itself is an Elysium and therefore the location it is held in temporarily enjoys those protections.

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